Talk: Getting the most out of a conference

I gave this talk, about how to create a presentation about a conference, in October 2018 at the annual NACIS (North American Cartographic Information Society) conference in Norfolk, VA. While it’s focused on the NACIS conference, the guidelines are applicable to any conference.

Be a Cartography Expert in Three Easy Steps 

1. Attend the NACIS conference.

2. Follow Kate’s tips and guidelines on what to record about the conference while you’re here.

3. Dazzle your local colleagues and geo community with a presentation about the highlights of the conference.

We all know NACIS is overflowing with fascinating cartographic content. You can show off presenters’ research, creativity, and eye-catching maps to raise your own profile back home, while promoting NACIS and the cartographers whose work you highlight. Kate will equip you to be a cartography maven by sharing what she’s learned from three years of giving presentations about the NACIS conference.